Sunday, 4 November 2007

It Works - The Little Red Book by RHJ

This miniscule and famous Little Red Book takes a look at how we can make dreams come true following three simple rules. I was led to reading it as I pursued my own interest in the Law of Attraction and followed on from other books I had been reading on the subject.

This little book in simple terms explains how to achieve prosperity and happiness using the power of our thoughts and the Omnipotent or Great Power that some people may call God or The Universe or some other manifestation outside ourselves. It is not necessary to have any religious belief or deity in mind. It cuts through all the scientific, psychological and theological explanations for why the Law of Attraction works and distils it down to the bare facts, the plan of action and the 3 rules of engagement. It is well worth reading. It takes minutes.

It is easy to dismiss the idea of an overwhelming Power able and willing to comply with our expressed desires. However it urges we but follow a simple course of action one of which is to be really clear and earnest about what it is that we want. Mere wishing for something does not does not allow us to connect with our omnipotent power to bring about the results we seek. There must be a sincere and truthful desire also. Many times we say we really want something but that conflicts with some other need in us and this sends out mixed and confusing messages to the Power and we are then unlikely to obtain results.

The plan consists of
Ø Writing down what you want in order of importance and without limits, changing daily if needed if you have second thoughts about them until you know what’s just right for you, even things that seem unattainable. Be very specific about what you want in detail, which countries you wish to travel to and for how long; exactly the kind of man/woman you are looking for to share your life with; exactly how much money; the style, colour, price, model of car, and exactly when you want these things. However be careful what you ask for that it is to serve the greatest good for yourself and others for it is possible to ask for things that will ultimately make your life and others’ miserable
Ø Reading the list 3 times each day
Ø Thinking often of the things you desire and keeping it just to yourself and the Power within

It tells us that it is not necessary to know just how our desires will come to us. Doubts and scepticisms are natural and will arise and if they do, just reread the list. We are encouraged to associate with people who support us but not to discuss what we are doing with them

There is a law it asserts which works at all times when we are in tune with it. As we see our dreams being manifested, simply express gratitude with our whole hearts. This power is beyond understanding. We can only be truly thankful for what we are given and share the benefits with others.

Blessings for today
1. To be able to prepare with love a meal for my family. I don’t always go at this very readily but today I have enjoyed feeding and filling and seeing the relish with which it is received.
2. To share a dance with my son. I enjoyed his energy.
3. The reminder I got from re-reading ‘It Works’ about connecting with some other energy outside and within myself and a chance to mediatate and reflect again about what's really important to me.


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